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Upcoming Film Based on the Christchurch Mosque Shooting

Upcoming Film Based on the Christchurch Mosque Shooting
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Moez Masoud will produce “Hello Brother”

Moez Masoud, the noted public speaker, and Cambridge scholar will direct Hello Brother[/tweetit], a film concerning the horrific terror attacks on the two Christchurch mosques in New Zealand. The attack claimed the lives of 51 innocent people. Masoud announced his film at Cannes where Acamedia, the company which will produce the film, is scouting for financial backers.

Upcoming Film Based on the Christchurch Mosque Shooting[/tweetthis]

According to the film company, the title of the film is taken from the final words spoken by Hati Mohammed Daoud Nabi, a 71-year-old who opened the Al Noor mosque door to the gunman. He was shot dead along with 42 others in the mosque. The central characters in the film comprise a family staring at destruction and death in their home country of Afghanistan who flee the country with their lives. The story ultimately meshes with the New Zealand shootings.

Masoud earlier part produced Clash, which made the opening film in the 2016 edition of Un Certain Regard event in Cannes. The film is a study of a heterogeneous group confined inside a police van at the time of the Morsi regime in Egypt. The film enjoyed several admiring reviews, including from a number of well-known film critics.

Hello Brother right now has two executive producers: BP Cooper of Mope fame and Mohamed Diab who has earlier directed Clash. The Egyptian explained his rationale for making this film. In his interview, he said the world witnessed a horrible crime on March 15. This film on the Christchurch shootings is only a single step in the healing process. It will hopefully help to understand one another and reveal the root reasons of terrorism, hatred, supremacy, and racism. Masoud and Rick Castaneda co-wrote the Hello Brother script.

Acamedia is busy working the Cannes attendees in search of a prospective financial partner. The film team’s other members went to Christchurch to meet the families and the officials of the shooting victims. They will also meet survivors and potential partners. Outside of filmmaking, Masoud is a well-known activist and presently ranked 31 in Muslim 500 influential people list. He said the purpose of making this film is to gather people from around the globe to discuss that fateful day and continue a positive interaction for a future centered on a genuine mutual understanding.


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