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Twitter Users Nail Jerry Falwell Jr. With a Bible Lesson After Comments About Poor People

Twitter Users Nail Jerry Falwell Jr. With a Bible Lesson After Comments About Poor People

The evangelical badmouthed the poor, stating “A poor person never gave anyone a job.”

The Twitterati has rushed in to give evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. some Bible lessons after he pushed some metaphorical levers when he commented about poverty.[/tweetit] Falwell, during his interview with The Washington Post, consistently defended President Donald Trump. He even went on to claim that not supporting the president is immoral. The Liberty University president said Trump has the full backing of himself and all other evangelicals, and nothing could ever change that.

Twitter Users Nail Jerry Falwell Jr. With a Bible Lesson After Comments About Poor People[/tweetthis]

Twitter users, however, were interested in the comments which Falwell made about the poor. The question at the center of the storm involved the interviewer quizzing the evangelical leader whether it is hypocrisy to support any leader who has openly advocated violence and is an adulterer with a tendency to lie every moment. The interviewer asked him whether that person is suitable to lead any country.

Falwell’s answer was predictably supportive of Trump. He said it is not possible for an electorate to choose a presidential candidate based on personal behavior. He reminded the audience every person is a sinner and the president is too. Even a good human being could do some shady activity which no one is aware of. Falwell told the interviewer a leader should be chosen on policies and not based on their personal character. He used the word hypocritical in this context.

The evangelical preacher did not stop at that. He claimed the existence of two kingdoms: the heavenly kingdom and the earthly kingdom. The duty of a heavenly kingdom resident is to behave with others as one would like to be treated. In contrast, the earthly kingdom requires that leaders must be chosen who will do what is best for the nation. Falwell then said America could help others as it is a wealthy nation. He said “A poor person never gave anyone a job. A poor person never gave anybody charity, not of any real volume.” Twitter instantly pounced on this flawed reasoning. Twitters quoted Mark 12:43-44 which states how Jesus praised a poor widow who has contributed a lesser amount deeming her to be the maximum contributor as she had given all she had. It was clear the evangelical leader received a tight spiritual lesson.


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