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The Satanic Temple Holding a Charity Drive ‘Black Mass’

TST Holding a Charity Drive 'Black Mass'
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Black Mass to be hosted for the first time by The Satanic Temple of Ottawa

The Satanic Temple of Ottawa is hosting Canada’s first ever “Black Mass.”

The Satanic Temple Holding a Charity Drive ‘Black Mass'[/tweetthis]

According to The Satanic Temple of Ottawa, this event will be the opposite of conventional Catholic Mass. However, there isn’t a guidebook available to dictate how establishments should be hosting a black mass.

As a result, this organization is going to hold them according to how it perceives this event should play out. Expect the Black Mass to have chants and music, which should make it interesting. At the same time, it will involve the dishonoring of various religious symbols.

It is crucial to keep in mind that this is going to be a private event. They are certainly not trying to hurt the sentiments of any religious parties with their activities. National Coordinator of The Satanic Temple in Canada, Nicholas Marc, says “There’s the use of symbols and Latin text, but we do not believe in harm to any being what so ever.”

It is also going to be a great opportunity for The Satanic Temple to attract publicity. Although there have been these types of events in the past, they attracted a lot of negative attention. When organizers hosted one in Oklahoma City in 2014, there were hundreds of protestors outside the venue.

Similarly, there was going to be a Black Mass at Harvard University, however, the organizers had to change the venue due to social pressure.

The event will be taking place at heavy metal bar The Koven on August 17, 2019 at 10pm. The entry fee is $20 or $15 with a pair of new clean socks. The establishment wants to start a drive to help the homeless.


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