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Trump Reaches Out to Religious Minorities, Calls JCC Bomb Threats “False Flags”

Trump suggested the bomb threats received by Jewish organizations may have been a deliberate attempt at defaming him and his supporters.

The sudden spread of Islamophobia and anti-semitism in the U.S. has been widely blamed on Donald Trump.[/tweetit] The president has repeatedly defended himself and promised to fight against groups that try to spread this kind of hatred. However, far from reducing, crimes against Jews and Muslims have only increased. And when the president suggested the complaints made by Jewish organizations that they received bomb threats may just have been an attempt by his opponents to spoil the reputation of his supporters, the Jewish community was simply shocked.

Trump Reaches Out to Religious Minorities, Calls JCC Bomb Threats “False Flags”[/tweetthis]

For a long time now critics have come down heavily on Trump from failing to openly address the issues the Jewish community is facing in America. Although his own daughter converted to Judaism, Trump often overlooked the rise in anti-Semitic crimes in the U.S.

People still aren’t clear about what exactly the president’s intention was behind the comment, the Jewish community which is already on tenterhooks at recent incidents, found it hard to attribute any meaning to it other than Trump does not actually intend to stand with them. Critics pointed out the time was for him to support the Jews fully rather than use the incident as a weapon against his opponents. And when Trump’s advisor, Anthony Scaramucci, said it is not clear who the offenders are, asking people not to forget that the Democrats are trying to promote hatred and violence against Trump, it was almost like the peoples’ worst fears were confirmed.

Interfaith Alliance president Rabbi Jack Moline pointed out the statements by the president and Scaramucci both show a lack of understanding of what is happening against the minorities. He also said the rise in both, Islamophobia as well as anti-Semitism, can be traced directly to the time from when the Trump campaign began.

Jewish leaders, who are of the opinion Trump is trying to turn the whole situation and give it a different meaning, using it for is political advantage, have called on him to clarify what he really meant by his statement. The Jewish community is afraid if the situation is made to look as though the Jews aren’t the actual target, it will give anti-Semitic groups all the more cover and encouragement they need to carry out their crimes.

For now, only guesses can be made about the president’s words. Perhaps when he clarifies his statement, more light can be thrown upon his intentions.


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