Is Trump Attacking London Mayor Sadiq Khan Because He Is Muslim?

CHRIS BECKETT is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The President’s Visit To England Has Already Been Plagued By Controversy.

President Trump is continuing to gain adverse reactions to his European trip. He has stopped in England after meeting with NATO countries. Almost as soon as he landed, he had an interview with The Sun, a Rupert Murdoch owned newspaper. In the interview, he attacked London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan for his handling of terrorism.

This has been an ongoing battle. Trump accused the mayor of not doing enough during the terrorist attacks in London.

Some pundits have made the point that Trump has targeted Khan because he is Muslim. Khan is the son of Pakistani immigrants and has had a meteoric rise in politics. Khan has attacked Trump for his travel ban on Muslim countries. The mayor has responded to the president’s comments by stating that terrorism is a global problem.

Conservatives have criticized Khan for approving a ballon of Trump as an angry baby in diapers to be flown in London during his visit.

Part of the new reason that Trump has been accused of Islamophobia is the behavior of his supporters. A British politician, Michael Fabricant, who supports the American president, sent out an offensive tweet of Khan having sex with a pig. Given that pork is prohibited by Islam, this post seems to be intentionally racist.

Khan has told media outlets he refuses to engage the president on his insults. Trump has decided to skip London for most of his visit to England.


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