Tebow’s Prom Celebration event sees 90,000 attendees in its second year.

In over 16 countries prom was happening on the same night. This Prom was sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation at over 540 churches.

The Night to Shine event is designed to provide the prom experience to over 90,000 special needs children who are 14 and older.

The prom is able to do this because of over 175,000 volunteers and several different companies that give away or offer discounts on their products and services.

Participants show up in limos to a red carpet gala with faux paparazzi. They then dance the night with volunteers assisting those that may be more shy.

Tebow is an outspoken Christian. Tebow has praised the event and always shows up in a couple of different events as a surprise guest. The Tim Tebow Foundation has a particular focus on helping children “and sharing God’s love…by fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves.”

Tim Tebow was in the NFL for two years and is now trying to become a professional baseball player and is playing for the New York Mets minor league team.

Multiple cities have described the event as a resounding success.


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