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The New Cryptocurrency for Christians

Screenshot: Christian Traders
Screenshot: Christian Traders
Only 1 million CT global coins are for sale.

A Christian-specific cryptocurrency has been launched by Christian Traders.[/tweetit] The said cryptocurrency, named CT Global Coin, has been advertised as “Cryptocurrency for the Global Christian Community.” Unlike other comparable cryptocurrencies, CT Global Coin is not a Carl Sagan Crypto. There will not be billions of tokens circulating in the virtual universe. The production of CT Global Coin is limited to one million units.

Cyrptocurrency for Christians[/tweetthis]

For Christian Traders, this kind of venture is not new. The company started its operations in 2001. It is known for bridging the gap that exists between Wall Street and the real world. A spokesperson for the company announced the organization's intention of offering a unique version of Bitcoin. The software architecture is built on the Ethereum Blockchain. This blockchain is known as CT Global Coin. The Christian cryptocurrency was designed and solely created for a community and faith-centric demography of about two billion strong Christians.

Christian Traders already have a strategy in place. The pre-sale of this cryptocurrency was planned to be in three stages:

Stage 1 of pre-sale was open exclusively to the CFRN Partners. It came with an offer of buy two get one free bonus. The first stage was completed on December 17, 2017, at 12 a.m.

Stage 2 started on December 18, with a buy three get one free bonus structure. Only the CFRN community has access to this cryptocurrency during the second stage.

Christian Traders had subsequently issued a statement that there is a high probability of the inventory being exhausted by the end of Stage 3. This assumption was made on the excellent response from the pre-sales. The third stage is set to start on December 25, 2017. This pre-sale can be accessed by the full Global Christian Community. If the estimates turn out to be true, then the ICO will not happen as all the tokens will have been sold during pre-sale stage itself.

A part of the funds generated from pre-sale is earmarked for incorporation, advertising, legal fees, press releases, and administrative expenses. A bonus will be provided to churches and merchants along with many other entities which consent to accept the token as a method of payment for purchasing goods and services. Donations can also be made through the CT Global Coin. Christian Traders are now actively searching for retailers, churches, and service providers to participate in the global ecosystem of this new currency.


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