Muslims say the hatred they face in 2016 is worse than immediately following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Although commonly believed that Islamophobia rose during the World Trade Center bombing in 2001, American Muslims have revealed a frighteningly disturbing truth. The community says it is facing much more hatred and targeted attacks in 2016 compared to 2011. Many agree these attacks are directly linked to Trump's bigoted views about Muslims. Recent incidents in which Muslims have been targets only support this belief as several of those arrested are Trump supporters.

In an interview of around 40 Muslims conducted by CNN, interviewees are expressing they feel it’s harder now being Muslim since Trump began to rally up hatred towards them. Their responses have indicated a very disturbing trend where feelings of hatred and anger towards Muslims are now 'normalized.' Almost all interviewed have said it is harder today to be Muslims than it was after 9/11. The community believes while the attacks that happened after 9/11 were misguided, the attacks happening now are more organized due to Trump’s role as a 'ring-leader.'

As of late, a rather staggering number of anti-Islamic attacks have been occurring. Cases of mosques and other Islamic structures being vandalized with 'Trump' being scribbled all over the walls have become common. Recently, three Americans were arrested by FBI agents for plotting to carry out a massacre of Somalian Muslim immigrants in Kansas. The three belong to a newly formed anti-Islamic terrorist group called “The Crusaders.” These terrorists were also planning on attacking churches and businesses that helped Muslim refugees. Having a strong anti-Islamic, anti-refugee agenda, one of the members has been revealed as a supporter of Trump.

During a recent presidential debate, Trump was quoted as saying Muslims themselves are to blame for the rise in Islamophobic sentiments in America. If that was not enough, he even alleged that Muslims keep 'secrets.' As such, it is no wonder there is a sudden rise in various American citizens taking up arms against Muslims, taking Trump's views as justification for their acts.

Even in Minneapolis, Northern Virginia and Staten Island, where America's largest Muslim communities are located, Muslims are living in constant fear.


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