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Televangelist Jim Bakker Claims Trump has been Spiritually “Saved” Multiple Times

Televangelist Jim Bakker Claims Trump has been Spiritually “Saved” Multiple Times
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Bakker was accompanied on his program by Jeremiah Johnson

Jim Bakker, the televangelist known for warning about end times to anyone who will listen and who hawks food to be consumed during those end times, declared President Donald J. Trump was spiritually “saved so many times”[/tweetit] from the time he won the United States Presidency. In his television program, the pastor and one-time convicted felon claimed the United States is now witnessing “miracles coming out of the White House.”

Televangelist Jim Bakker Claims Trump has been Spiritually “Saved” Multiple Times[/tweetthis]

Bakker as usual eulogized Trump, saying the president wants to please God. He admitted the president cannot be declared as perfect and then countered his speech by saying no one is perfect. The end times pastor pointed out that the President of the United States is now being mentored and taught more than any U.S. president in American history. He is also the most prayed for president. According to Bakker, nothing proves Trump’s devotion to God more than the fact he takes pastors wherever he is. Pastors accompany him when he flies and when he works in the White House. Bakker then claimed he knew several people who have led Trump to Christ. Bakker continued in the same vein, saying the U.S. President has been saved multiple times, with the number exceeding any other person he personally knows. Bakker ended his monologue by saying he is “serious” about such matters.

Bakker was also joined by a guest speaker, Jeremiah Johnson, the self-proclaimed “prophet,” in this episode of the program. Johnson went even a few steps further than the end times pastor. He claimed God is using Trump to pave a path for the ultra-conservative Mike Pence to run for president in 2024. According to Johnson, the success of Trump should be credited to the prophets and the intercessors along with the Daniel Company.

The end times specialist celebrated the incidence of leaders of the Religious Right forming a “Daniel Company” encircling the president. This accompaniment, Bakker claimed, enabled pastors to lead and guide him along with preparing and nurturing him. Bakker said this could be the reason as to why miracles continue to come out of the White House and the reason for miracles to be seen all over the United States.


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