Jesse Duplantis wants a $78 Million Jet

Jesse Duplantis, an American gospel preacher, has asked his followers to assist him to purchase a Falcon 7X jet. Dassault Aviation, the manufacturer of Falcon Jets, tagged its 7X model at $78 million. The preacher has previously owned three jets for his personal use. He says he uses the jets for speaking about the glory of God. He claimed the present jet, a Falcon 50, is unsuitable for his duties. A new one in this circumstance is ideal for him.

The Louisiana-based preacher made his argument while in a hallway. He stood in front of three photos, with each photo having an image of a private jet. If his words are to be believed, the aircraft bore the name of his ministry as the owner. He said that the ministry paid cash to buy all three aircraft. Duplantis now owns only one. The other two were loaned to preachers who used them to spread the word of God.

Duplantis has replied to critics who point out the preacher could conceivably have zero reasons to own any private jet by saying all preachers should visit every available voice and every available outlet. The objective of every preacher is to spread the gospel to every part of the world. He requested his followers donate via his website bearing the name "This Week With Jesse" so that he is sufficiently free to preach the gospel throughout the world. He even claimed God's endorsement for his activities. He added if Jesus Christ were alive today, then in all probability he would use a plane, preaching the gospel everywhere in the world.

Duplantis is not the only preacher who must have a jet plane to preach the words of God. Kenneth Copeland, the Texas headquartered televangelist, supposedly purchased a used Gulfstream V. The seller of the jet was Tyler Perry. As per media reports, this particular Gulfstream model carried a price of $36 million when the aircraft was launched into the market in 1998. Copeland and Duplantis know each other. They even made a video in 2016 where they argued why jets are a must for televangelists. The aircraft helps, the argument goes, to save as many souls as possible. Copeland claimed that both he and Duplantis can communicate with God. To clinch the argument, he said that commercial aircraft are filled with demons.


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