Teacher Who Called Homosexuality a Sin Suspended for 3 years

Loses Appeal Case Based on Religious Freedom

Jenye “Viki” Knox was a teacher at Union High School. But she had a problem with the school having a “Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender History Month.”

Mrs. Knox is a devout Christian and thought that her church was engaged in sin. So she took to Facebook to express her views, calling homosexuality a “perverted sin” that “spreads like a cancer.” She additionally had an intense back-and-forth with commenters. This led to her being immediately suspended from the school. The school board decided to suspend her teaching certificate for three years.

Mrs. Knox sued the school district to appeal the decision. She claimed that her Free Speech and Religious Freedom was being violated.

Mrs. Knox lost her case. She will have to wait three years before she can attempt to teach again. While some have rallied around her, she lost her initial popularity and has agreed to the suspension.

Her case was hurt by the fact that she attacked other people’s views and said she “did not need to tolerant” what other people said.

She has not stated whether she will return to teaching.


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