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Teacher Attacked Student Who Did Not See Jesus In Detention

Teacher Attacked Student Who Did Not see Jesus in Detention

The child was put in time out and told to talk to Jesus.

Parents and teachers were shocked to find out Diane Williams, a teacher at Kingsway Christian Academy, had been arrested earlier in March for attacking a 5-year-old student.

Teacher Attacked Student Who Did Not See Jesus in Detention[/tweetthis]

Williams had been teaching at the school for 12 years without an incident. The alleged crime was that the child was acting out and was placed in a prayer room inside a bathroom located in the classroom. The child was told to reflect on Jesus. When the child was confronted by Williams after a period of time, the victim reported that they did not see Jesus. Williams reportedly got angry and stomped on the child’s foot.

Williams has been released on bail. The school released a statement distancing themselves from the teacher, but some have criticized it for not admonishing Williams with more direct language.

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