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Sydney Anglican Diocese Donates $1M to No Campaign on Same-Sex Marriage

Sydney diocese no campaign

Both the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ sides of the campaign on same-sex marriage are well funded.

Archbishop Glenn Davies of Sydney Anglican diocese donated one million Australian dollars to no campaign in the postal survey for same-sex marriage[/tweetit]. The donation was announced on October 9 when the archbishop gave a speech on the same subject to the diocese's 51st synod. He warned the church that removal of gender from the marriage construct could lead to 'irreparable consequences' for the society. The Bureau of Statistics has gathered 10 million votes.

Sydney Anglican Diocese Donates $1M to No Campaign on Same-Sex Marriage[/tweetthis]

In his speech, Archbishop Davies said there is no need for a change in defining marriage. Any change is superfluous not only due to the stance's opposition to what is written in the scriptures, and what the Lord said in Matthew 19, but also traditional marriage between a man and a woman is good for society. He mentioned that marriage and having children form a foundational fabric of society. This holds true even if many couples are unable to conceive. The priest continued further on to say that there could be irreparable consequences for society, for freedom of speech, and also for freedom of religion, and freedom of conscience as well, if Australia legalizes marriage between same sexes.

The Anglican Diocese is one of the founder partners of Coalition for Marriage, an Australian group asking citizens to cast a 'no' vote on defining the institution of marriage. Voting ends on November 7. Other prominent partners in the coalition are the Australian Christian Lobby, Sydney's Roman Catholic Archdiocese, and Marriage Alliance. A total of 80 other organizations are part of the coalition.

When asked about the massive amounts being spent by the 'no' side, Tiernan Brady, the executive director of Equality Campaign, and an advocate of the 'yes' vote on the issue of gay marriage, said that he and his 'yes' compatriots have always known that opponents of 'equality' have outspent much more than 'yes' side. He, however, is confident about the 'yes' proponent's success. According to Brady, "…what they have in buckets of cash, we make up with in hundreds of thousands of Australians making the case for a fairer, more just and inclusive society."

This does not mean that the 'yes' campaign is short of funds. Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas, has donated from his personal account one million to same-sex marriage campaign. Australian campaigners and proponents of the 'no' vote have repeatedly complained that many have branded them as 'bigots' and being mocked at.


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