Pastor Pomeroy’s daughter was shot in his church

Frank Pomeroy’s teenage daughter was shot along with more than 24 other people in a mass shooting which happened in Pomeroy’s church in 2017. The pastor of the First Baptist Sutherland Springs Church has announced that he will run as a Republican for a seat in the state Legislature next year.

Pomeroy is running as a Republican for District 21. However, it won’t be an easy fight as District 21 is Democratic with the current Sen. Judith Zaffirini having served since 1987. The timing of Pomeroy’s campaign is tricky as it will be launching after a mass shooting in El Paso this month, which claimed the lives of 22 people.

During a quick phone interview, Frank Pomeroy clarified that the two shootings formed a trajectory which pushed him to run for the state Senate. He went on to say that the firing which occurred at his church pushed him to speak to other people about guns as well as other political issues.

Frank Pomeroy said he felt as if there was something which needed to be brought to the conversation such as intelligent discourse and civility. He went on to say he’s concerned about the degradation of morality and integrity within the Democratic Party.

Pomeroy’s stance on the issue of mass shootings is the focus shouldn’t be on people owning guns. He said there needs to be a stronger focus on mental illness.

Zaffirini’s office has revealed she is running for re-election in the campaign scheduled for the next year. Pastor Frank Pomeroy said he is quite inexperienced when it comes to politics. However, he claimed to have political professionals there for him and is trusting his faith to show him the way.

Pomeroy said although politics is “totally out of my wheelhouse, I'm totally trusting the Lord to show me how to do the things I need to do.”

President Donald Trump lost the district that Pomeroy will run in by double digits in 2016. After Zaffirini heard of Pomeroy’s comments of Democrats, she was surprised to hear such harsh statements coming from the pastor. She also said she knows Pomeroy as well as his wife and called him a “man of integrity” who is committed to the community he serves.


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