Stephen Baldwin: Making Christian Movies Better

Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The secular entertainment industry refers to him as a “Jesus Freak.”

Stephen Baldwin, an actor of repute and an upfront evangelical Christian, claims to juggle between being a good family man and making premium quality Christian media products. In an interview, the actor shared his opinions about the present state of the Christian film industry. Stephen has a popular, infectious personality and claims to be a born-again Christian. The interview, which airs as the Lucas Miles Show, informs the viewer about the trials and joys of being a Christian faithful in Hollywood.

Stephen readily admitted that he had to sacrifice large quantities of work which he received from the non-Christian entertainment industry. It comes as no surprise that many filmmakers and producers in the largely secular Hollywood now call him a “Jesus Freak.” The pejorative term even found traction in Google search results. Baldwin is okay with the description. He says he had enough less than ideal experiences with multiple Hollywood personalities to comprehend that it is better to live a different life. He is determined to treat every person with due kindness and respect.

According to Stephen Baldwin, Christian cinema is getting better. He even authored a book, The Unusual Suspect, after decades in the Hollywood film industry. The actor explains in the book as to how and why he transformed into a born-again Christian post 9/11 attacks. His repertoire from then on is only limited to Christian films. He also does ministry films. When questioned about how he goes about things, he answered that he made approximately 110 films within a space of 30 years. Film-making is his way of connecting with the Holy Spirit.

Baldwin was adamant that Christian media must have high production values. It will then cross-over into the mainstream and evangelicals can then pass the Gospel message without hardship. He has a number of ideas which will hopefully push Christian media into a higher trajectory. His pet project right now is Veritas, based on the Revelation. Upon further questioning, he said that the film will be a mix of The Matrix and The Road Warrior. Baldwin is a normal family man when he is not engaged in acting and producing newer Christian media.


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