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Sister Clare Crockett, Who Died Helping Children During Earthquake, Celebrated in New Film

Sister Clare Crockett Celebrated in New Film
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Sister Clare Crockett was only 33-years-old.

The All or Nothing documentary film chronicling Sister Theresa Clare Crockett’s life premiered to a packed Londonderry cinema hall on April 16. Sister Crockett died while she tried to save children from a devastating 7.8 earthquake in Ecuador. She was teaching music inside a school building when the quake struck. The building suffered total structural collapse.

Sister Clare Crockett, Who Died Helping Children During Earthquake, Celebrated in New Film[/tweetthis]

The All or Nothing film is presently available in three languages: Italian, Spanish, and English. The film premiered on a date which is also the second anniversary of the Manabi Province earthquake. The calamity killed 262 people, and over 2,500 were grievously injured. Other than Crockett, four aspiring students of the religious order and a resident youth died as the result of the quake. The nun was 33-years-old at that time.

The documentary film spans 15 years of the Sister’s life. Other nuns have described Clare Crockett's life as one which goes directly to their hearts and compelled them to ask themselves whether they have given themselves entirely to God. The film was financed by her order, Siervas del Hogar de la Madre.

The film begins from the time when she quit her acting career to become a nun. Clare Crockett hails from Ireland. She wanted to be an actress as a teenager and lived the standard life of alcohol and partying. Her life took a change when a friend asked her on a 10-day pilgrimage in Spain.

In an interview, Sister Clare said she tried to get out of that trip, but tickets and bookings had already been made in her name. She feels that the trip was “Our Lady’s way of bringing me back home, back to her and her Son.” Sister Clare added that she was not a happy camper, however, when she found out how Jesus had died for her on the cross, it became imperative for her to change. She then left her family and friends to follow the path laid out for her by the Almighty.

Sister Clare did not leave her acting talent altogether. She became the voice of Lucy of EWTN’s children’s television series Hi Lucy.

Showings of the documentary will be free and are scheduled around the world.


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