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Sikh Bikers Ride 7,000 Miles to Raise Over $100,000 for Cancer Charity

By aufumy [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By aufumy [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Sikh motorcyclists ride across Canada to raise money for Canadian Cancer Society.

Twenty-four large-hearted Sikhs traveled more than 7,000 miles across Canada on their motorcycles. Their goal: raising $60,000 dollars for a cancer charity. Braving a hailstorm and thunderstorms, the bold Sikhs traveled from Vancouver to Montreal, passing through Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec, collecting contributions for the Canadian Cancer Society. The Canadians were generous too; the bikers collected more than $100,000 dollars, far exceeding the original $60,000 goal.

Sikh Bikers Ride 7,000 Miles to Raise Over $100,000 for Cancer Charity[/tweetthis]

Charity forms one of the core tenets of Sikhism. In fact, Sikhs believe that wealth is meant to be shared and riches are useful only when spent on each other's needs. Sikhism runs on the concept of “Seva,” which means service. It is the basic duty of every Sikh to serve his community. Sikhs spend a lot of time in service in their places of worship called “Gurdwaras” by cooking, serving community meals, cleaning, and performing other such activities.

The generous act of the 24 Sikhs resonates with what their religion stands for. They have spent their time, energy, and resources so that they can do something for the individuals and families that are devastated by cancer, whether they are of Sikh religion or not. On their path, they met a number of Sikhs and non-Sikhs who generously donated whatever they could towards fulfilling this noble cause. The bikers feel that besides having raised funds for cancer research, they have also helped in building bridges between their community and with members of other communities. At the same time, Sikh-Canadians now feel a better sense of connectedness and unity.

The ride was not easy and many hurdles came their way, after all, almost 7,500 miles on a bike is no a joke. When asked what kept them going undaunted, Charnjit Dhadda says that it was the thought of the little children suffering from the illness. The thought of them and their families kept fueling their resolve and drove them onward despite the challenges. The entire amount collected by them will be going to the Canadian Cancer Society to help them in their research towards the prevention and cure of cancer. An overwhelmed Allan Mugford, the director of the Fraser Valley region said he was “stunned and amazed” by their deed. He further adds, “This is a totally committed and passionate group of community members.”

The bikers have truly shown the world what it is to live the Sikh principles of charity and love in the modern world. In an age where we see people getting more connected virtually but less connected emotionally, their great deed stands as a shining example for humanity.


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