Senator Kaine Believes Catholic Church Will Soon Tolerate Same-Sex Marriage

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Tim Kaine feels the Catholic Church is on the verge of changing its stance on same-sex marriages.

Tim Kaine, the Democratic nominee for the vice president in the U.S. presidential elections, believes the Catholic Church will soon recognize gay marriages.

Kaine is a devout Catholic and is very open about his beliefs. Until 2005, he opposed gay rights in America, reflecting Catholic teachings. However, the Democrat has had a change of opinion since then and now fully believes in giving equal rights to gay couples. On Saturday, he also expressed his belief that the Catholic Church is not far from recognizing gay relationships, just like he did.

The Catholic senator was addressing a gathering at the 20th Annual Human Rights Campaign Dinner on Saturday night in Washington when he indicated his openness to gay rights. The Senator believes the verse in the first chapter if Genesis, where God looks at Creation and says it is good, is an affirmation of his new stance in gay rights. He argues he has no right to challenge the beauty of nature’s diversity when God Himself has declared it to be beautiful. He also believes this diversity should be celebrated by people rather than be challenged. He also recalled the words of Pope Francis in connection with the issue of gay priests: “Who am I to judge?

The senator has promised to fight hard for the rights of the members of the LGBT community, despite having once opposed their rights. He recalls the time when he began to reconsider his opposition of gay rights. Back when he was the lieutenant governor of Virginia, a group of people were pushing for an amendment which would define marriage as something strictly between a man and woman. The proponents of this amendment, he says, told him that if it is put in force, the gay community “would feel so unwelcome that they would leave Virginia.” Shocked at this level of hatred, Kaine says he realized what stand he should be taking on the issue.

Kaine said he is fully aware his new stance on gay rights is completely at odds with the church. However, he affirmed he will still remain a devout, churchgoing Catholic as he believes one day the Church too will see what the gay community deserves: the same rights afforded to others.

The senator is currently a parishioner at St. Elizabeth Catholic Church at the diocese of Richmond.


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