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What Faith in Our Schools Really Means

Separation of church and state doesn’t mean we have to divorce our faith from our day-to-day lives.- Wil Seabrook, STAND blogger I have a

International Religious Freedom Roundtable: A Vital Movement in the World Today

International Religious Freedom Roundtable: A Vital Movement in the World Today

Of all the events of the 2nd Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, Wednesday afternoon's segment on the International Religious Freedom Roundtable may well have

Tad Reeves Survival Rundown

Ask a Scientologist – 14 Student Questions Answered about Scientology

Tad Reeves answers some of the most fundamental questions about Scientology A student asked the following questions for a school presentation on the subject

I Left Scientology as a Teen: Here’s Why I Came Back

I was born into a Scientologist family and took this for granted for most of my life. As with anyone born into something, whether

Religion vs. Religious Freedom

Religion vs. Religious Freedom

Wayne explores the dilemma: "if one believes salvation is only available through one’s own faith, how do you deal with people of other faiths?"


Why is May 9th So Important To Scientology?

May 9th is an important day for Scientologists for the following five reasons: 5 Reasons Why May 9 is Important to Scientologists[/tweetthis] 1. May

Church of Scientology in Stuttgart

German Scientologist Wins Unlawful Dismissal Case from Munich Art Museum

Museum agreed to compensate him with a €110,000 severance and a pension A case filed by a German Scientologist, fired two years ago from

Elisabeth Moss

Elisabeth Moss on Scientology: You Can’t Take Away My Right to Believe

Scientologist and The Handmaid’s Tale Actress Elisabeth Moss Responds to Criticisms of her Scientology Beliefs In an interview with The Daily Beast, Elisabeth Moss,

Church of Scientology Inglewood

Place of Worship Violence Continues, This Time, At A Church of Scientology

Man Wielding Samurai Sword Attacks Scientology Church in Inglewood In the latest incident in violence against churches and places of worship, a Samurai sword

Scientology Auditing Session

Tom Cruise’s Daughter Isabella Says Scientology Was the “Missing Piece” in Her Life

The daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Isabella Cruise, touts the benefits of practicing Scientology in a new promo for the religion. Isabella