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A Look Inside Scientology’s Colossal High Tech Headquarters

377,000-square-foot Scientology Flag Building.
377,000-square-foot Scientology Flag Building.
Photos have been published of the Church of Scientology’s spiritual headquarters in Florida, also known as the Flag Building.

The Telegraph has published a photo gallery filled with images from the Church of Scientology’s headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. The collection includes shots of the chapel, a museum, an auditing room, and L. Ron Hubbard’s office. Also on site are study rooms, a café, library, and bookstores.

The building encompasses an entire city block on South Fort Harrison Avenue and is marked by a 15-story tower topped with a bronze Scientology cross.

The “Ideal Org of Ideal Orgs” is the first Church of Scientology location to offer the Super Power Rundown and Cause Resurgence Rundown.

In the lobby human-like sculptures focus on bringing life to the beliefs of Scientology.
Followers of Scientology believe in these halls they can improve their “perceptics” and gain special abilities.
“Office of the Commodore” is an office honoring L. Ron Hubbard.
Weddings, naming ceremonies and other services are held in the Grand Chapel.
The Scientology philosophy “You are a spirit. You are your own soul. You are not mortal, You can be free” greets you at the reception desk.
The Information Center, where visitors can learn about Scientology.
In the Super Powers building one can study to become a minister of Scientology known as “auditor.”
The Grand Atrium of the “spiritual headquarters” in Florida is three stories high and is the length of a city block.

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