Road to Hell

Paul Stevenson is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The highway stretch lies near Casa Grande

Christians have expressed outrage when they discovered that Satanists from The Satanic Temple of Arizona have not only adopted a highway, but cleaned the stretch of road with pitchforks. Christians are also upset the Satanists have nicknamed that stretch of road as “Road to Hell.” The road in question is a slice of the I-10 which runs between Phoenix and Tucson.

The Satanic Temple of Arizona joins a long list of varied organizations who have participated in the popular “Adopt a Highway” program. A number of commercial and non-commercial entities across the board are involved, ranging from the sedate and sweet Girl Scouts to blatant hate spewing entities like KKK and Neo-Nazis. When it came to the Satanists, Stu de Haan, a resident of Tucson, and one of The Satanic Temple of Arizona's chapter founding members took the initiative to clean a stretch of Interstate 10. The particular area lies near the relatively centralized location of Casa Grande.

The organization’s website states The Satanic Temple's first tenet is to act with empathy and compassion towards all creatures in a reasonable manner. This is the reason the Satanic chapter of Arizona has engaged in this community activity. The site stated that debris scattered on highways causes about 25,000 accidents all over the United States. The litter also poisons the soil and the waterways, and by secondary action, is consumed by the fauna. The latter then falls sick. They have cleared about 590 tons trash until now.

The Satanic Temple members used pitchforks to clean the highway. They pierced the litter and gathered them in one place before taking them to a dump site. A few volunteers cheekily arranged the pitchforks into a Satanic star shape on that particular stretch of road. Haan told the media that most people harbor the perception of one side standing for good and the other engaging in bad activities. The point of all these efforts, he said, is to prove that Satanism is a valid religious identity. People possess a sense of community. They want to be involved in positive community work.


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