Sarah Sanders Wouldn’t Answer if Trump Believes Democrats ‘Hate’ Jews

She declined to give a direct answer

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the Press Secretary of the White House, sidestepped questions from reporters on March 8 when asked whether President Donald J. Trump holds the belief that Democrats hate Jews. The press secretary refused to answer all matters related to this context, insisting the refusal of the Democratic Party to condemn one of their lawmakers for her debatable controversial comments constituted an “abhorrent” display. Sanders was giving the White House's first formal briefing to the press in 42 days.

President Trump made multiple comments during his March 8 speech to donors of the Republican National Committee. The event took place at Trump’s golf club resort, Mar-a-Lago, in Florida’s Palm Beach. The remark at the center of the storm referred to Representative Ilhan Omar, a Democrat elected from Minnesota and the inevitable controversy when she came down heavily on the pro-Israel lobby present in U.S. politics. GOP lawmakers termed her statements to be “anti-Semitic.” Omar’s remarks have created a flurry among her party too, leading to a mixed collective Democratic reaction.

According to Trump, the Democrats are anti-Jewish. The president then loudly wondered on the stage as to how the U.S. Jewish population continues to vote for the Democratic party. He termed such developments within the Democrats as "too bad." When reporters asked Sanders about his views, the press secretary insisted the reporters should ask this question to the Democrats themselves. She then continued to say the Democrats had multiple opportunities to condemn several specific comments but have steadfastly refused to discipline one of their ranks. Sanders has forgotten, or willfully forgot, how Omar’s remarks led to Democratic leaders bringing to the fore a specific resolution condemning all kinds of anti-Semitism along with anti-Muslim discrimination. The press secretary compared the Democratic response to Omar's comments by the actions taken by Republicans when one GOP lawmaker, Representative Steve King, uttered several disgraceful comments. The Republicans, as per the White House press secretary, formally reprimanded King and stripped the lawmaker of all his committee memberships. She said that Democrats should treat Omar with equal, decisive force.

A reporter of a prominent media-house then called out Trump, pointing out the President never personally condemned the remarks made by Representative King. King has a long history of talking about white supremacists and making multiple bigoted comments.


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