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Roy Moore Fights Jimmy Kimmel After One of His Writers Heckles a Church Speech, He Also Blames Gay People for Scandal

By  (@selma_uesuek) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Selma Üsük (@selma_uesuek) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Kimmel takes him on his challenge publicly

Roy Moore, who once held the post of a judge, and now a controversial GOP candidate for an Alabama seat, revived his once trademark anti-gay rhetoric. He clearly wants to capitalize again on the subject which had first put him in the limelight. He had accused LGBT people and their sympathizers of concocting a conspiracy to undermine his political campaign and to discredit him on a personal level. Moore is competing against Democratic nominee Doug Jones.

Roy Moore Fights Jimmy Kimmel After One of His Writers Heckles a Church Speech, He Also Blames Gay People for Scandal[/tweetthis]

The Republican nominee for the Senate has sparred with Jimmy Kimmel, the television host after a comedian on Kimmel’s show interrupted Moore when he was giving a speech inside a South Alabama Baptist church on November 30. Tony Barbieri, the comedian in question who plays Jake Byrd, the fictional character, on the Kimmel Show, stopped Moore midway through his speech when the former shouted that Moore's a “man's man.” The comedian also asked the assembled church audience whether the Republican's face resembled a molester's.

The former judge is trying to fight back against multiple accusations for the last few weeks that he sexually assaulted a number of teenage girls while he was in his thirties.

Moore promptly tweeted that if Kimmel wants to mock Alabama's Christian values, then he should come to the state and do the same “man to man.” As per news reports, Barbieri shouted while he was being dragged away by local law enforcement that he was Moore's number one fan and biggest supporter. This activity was fully authorized by Kimmel. The comedian has earlier tweeted that the heckling was to be a part of the comedy show.

Kimmel's response was razor sharp: the comedian tweeted back that he will be there as soon as the former judge arranges some Christian values for him. Moore shot back, saying that despite the alleged bigotry towards Southerners by the Hollywood and Washington D.C. elite, he will save a seat for the comedian on the first pew. The comedian replied in the affirmative, saying that he will come but will leave his daughters at home. He also asked the Republican to wear that leather vest the judge supposedly used to wear. Moore has blamed socialists and gays for putting him in trouble. He later denied that he has said so.


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