Former Megachurch Pastor has history of sexism, financial misconduct, and bullying

Pastor Mark Driscoll is increasing his public exposure. He has begun to write a blog for the religious site, Patheos. While Patheos has a broad range of writers, Mr. Driscoll has some particular notoriety.

Mark Driscoll is the former pastor of megachurch Mars Hill. During that time he was caught writing misogynistic messages on the Mars Hill messageboards under an online pseudonym. He was accused of bullying, sexism, misuse of church funds, and plagiarism. For example, in 2006 he argued that the Protestant movement in America created a world of “chicks and some chickified dudes with limp wrists.”

Maybe because of his infamy he has turned off the comments sections for his blog. He also put out a video with his wife, speaking about taking a more public role in promoting his faith. Patheos has 15 million views every month and therefore is a gigantic forum for Pastor Driscoll to preach.

Some critics have argued that because of his sexist views and his non-apologetic attitude about them, he should not be given any public space. He has not spoken about his past on the blog, focusing on religious doctrine and the applications of it in modern life. There have been separate articles on Patheos criticizing Pastor Driscoll and offering an unofficial comments section to the articles he has written. While no one is calling for Pastor Driscoll to be taken off Patheos, it is important for there to be a range of voices, both on Patheos and in general discussion, and serve to counter and provide alternative voices to Mark Driscoll.


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