How Red Revival Christians Want To Change How You See Evangelicals

Group Planning a Revival That Sees Jesus As A Social Justice Warrior

When you hear the word evangelical, what image does it conjure up? Recently evangelicals are tied to Donald Trump. White evangelicals are linked to the concept of Christian nationalism. This is a combination of conservative Christian ethics as both a justification and a model for a political organizational framework and legislative agenda. It is pro-gun, anti-abortion, against social services, and for military intervention.

However, one group of Christians believes in the polar opposite view of religious theology. That group is called Red Letter Christians. The name of the group comes from the teachings of Jesus, which were written in red letters in older editions of the Bible.

In their view, Jesus was a proponent of human rights and protector of the innocent. Jesus is held to be a radical figure who would be more at home with the counter-culturalists of the 1960s than the religious right.

This group is holding a revival on Saturday, April 7 in Lynchburg, Virginia after being denied the opportunity to hold the public event at Liberty University. Jerry Falwell, the president of Liberty University, is known for his adoration of President Trump and threatened to arrest Shane Claiborne, one of the founding members, if he set foot on campus.

The information about the revival is that it combines the social justice protests like the anti-gun protests with the old school Christian tent revivals like during the beginning of the 20th century. It is unclear how many participants will attend the event. While the group has a comparatively smaller following then Christian nationalists, it is rapidly growing as individuals become frustrated with a monolithic version of their faith that does not match their personal interpretation of Christianity.


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