The painting of the Holy Family on a set of sex toys in Spain has offended the religious sentiments of certain Christian groups.

A shop selling sex toys in Spain came under fire from religious people after they displayed a Nativity scene painted on sex toys on their window. However, the Nativity scene will be back on display thanks to the support and encouragement that the shopkeeper said he has received from people.

The sex shop, located in Talavera de la Reina, in Toledo, received numerous threats from religious people who were angered by the display. The scene consists of Joseph and Mary flanking Baby Jesus. The three figures were commissioned by the shopkeeper, Héctor Valdivielso, to be painted on to three ceramic sex toys. At first, the exhibit drew a lot of attention from people, many of whom were found to be taking photos.

Popularity was soon replaced by religious wrath when groups such as the Children of the Virgin Mary launched a protest against the shop, calling for its boycott. Valdivielso also received numerous phone calls that turned out to be calls from angry Christians, threatening dire consequences if the exhibit was not removed. Protestors also scribbled the word “Pecadore” – meaning “sinner”– on his signboard. Crowds were gathered outside his shop displaying their outrage over the display led by the Children of The Virgin Mary. A Christian couple even confronted him directly and threatened him saying that if he didn’t take down the exhibit, then they would do it for him.

Sensing the graveness of the situation, Valdivielso took down the exhibit and replaced it with a placard asking for people to vote whether or not he should put it up again. Of the 988 people who voted, Valdivielso revealed that 78.5% voted that he should put it back on display. Support also came from neighbors and callers, who told him to not give in to the demands of a few blackmailers.

Valdivieslo, whose sex shop’s name is Non Sit Peccatum, which ironically translates to “not sinful,” defended his display saying that he had no intention of hurting anyone’s religious sentiments. He argued that when all shops have the right to display Nativity scenes using their products, he should be allowed to do the same as well.

The overwhelming support that he has received has prompted the shopkeeper to decide to put the scene back on display. He was frustrated at the protests and scenes that the objectors were posing at his shop and said that the display of such religiously charged behavior was harming his business.


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