Progressive Christians Taking a Standing Against Christian Nationalism

Coalition of Christians warn against Christian nationalism

America has plenty of Christian nationalism and white supremacy attitudes running around in 2019. However, there’s an increasing number of progressive Christians which exist.

These Christians regret how their faith is being perverted by white evangelicals to further their agendas. Recently, a joint statement was released by many prominent liberal figures in the Christian community denouncing the idea that to be American; a person needs to be Christian .

Christian nationalism refers to the act of tying American and Christian identities together. This goes against both the American constitution as well as the Christian faith. Christian nationalism has said that if a person wants to be a good American, they must be Christian. Christian nationalism is even demanding that Christians be privileged by the State. Christian nationalism is known for sometimes being used as a cover for racial subjugation as well as white supremacy ideas.

Liberal figures in the Christian community have said that they invite their Christian sisters and brothers to fight the threat that Christian nationalism poses to America and their faith. They’ve also been crystal clear about their rejection of this damaging political ideology.

They went on to say that a person’s beliefs have no place in society, and the government must not act by preferring one religion over another religion or nonreligion. They also said Christians must speak out and speak up as their beliefs are being manipulated into promoting intimidation and violence.

The Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty (BJC) has published this statement on behalf of prominent Christians. The BJC has requested Christians to sign their statement if they agree with its message. The statement was signed by Christians from all 50 U.S. states the day after its release.


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