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The Most Post-Christian Cities in the United States

Most Post-Christian Cities in the United States

Springfield-Holyoke, MA is the top post-Christian city

The northeast region of the United States used to be home to the Puritans as well as other devout Christians who came to the New World so that they could practice their faith in freedom.

Most Post-Christian Cities in the United States[/tweetthis]

However, things have taken a 180 according to new research by the Barna Group, the northeast region is now is the most “post-Christian” region in America[/tweetit].

Who is post-Christian?

In order to qualify as “post-Christian,” individuals must meet nine of Barna’s 16 criteria. These criteria show a lack of Christian belief, identity and practice. Factors include whether individuals have never made a commitment to Jesus, identify as atheist, have not attended church in the last year or haven’t read the Bible in the previous week. Questions such as this go beyond how people loosely identify themselves and also get to the core of what people actually believe as well as their behavior as a result of their faith. All of these indicators come together to paint an accurate picture of belief as well as unbelief in America.

Top 10 post-Christian cities in America

Barna’s findings have revealed that the most post-Christian city in America is Springfield-Holyoke, MA. It is followed by Portland-Auburn, ME, Providence, RI, New Bedford, MA, Burlington, VT, Boston, MA, Manchester, NH, Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY, Hartford-New Haven, CT and finally Rochester, NY.

Let’s take a look at some interesting facts derived from Barna’s data. All data is listed in descending order.

Have not read the Bible in the last week
Springfield-Holyoke, MA – 87%
Waco-Temple-Bryan, TX – 67%

Have not attended a Christian church in the last 6 months
Springfield-Holyoke, MA – 65%
Charleston-Huntington, WV – 37%

Do not believe in God
Springfield-Holyoke, MA – 11%
Waco-Temple-Bryan, TX – 6%
Charleston-Huntington, WV – 6%

Nine of the 16 Factors which make a person “post-Christian” per Barna’s criteria
Disbelief in God.
Identifies themselves as atheist or agnostic.
Haven’t prayed to God in the last week.
Haven’t ever made a commitment to Jesus.
Do not agree that the Bible is accurate.
Haven’t donated money to a church in the last year.
Haven’t gone to a Christian church in the last 6 months.
Agree that Jesus committed sins.
They aren’t Born Again.

It will be interesting to see how things progress as we move towards the future.


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