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Pope Francis Tells Gay Man God Loves Him Just the Way He Made Him

Pope Francis Tells Gay Man God Loves Him Just the Way He Made Him

Pope Francis said God doesn’t make mistakes

Juan Carlos Cruz, a clerical sex abuse victim in Chile, said Pope Francis assured him his sexuality is immaterial, and God has created him just as the almighty created others.[/tweeit] Cruz had a personal conversation with the pontiff during the third week of May. The topic of discussion was the abuse he suffered due to Fernando Karadima, a notorious pedophile priest. The latter is now 87 years old. The Vatican, after due investigation, found him guilty of all sexual abuse charges in 2011.

Pope Francis Tells Gay Man God Loves Him Just the Way He Made Him[/tweetthis]

Practicing Catholics are happy with the Pope's reaction. Francis has vocalized what they already knew to be the truth: God does not make mistakes. Gay people are also a part of God's plan. They point out that gay, trans, lesbian, and bi people are present in all communities. They come from all religions and from all ethnic backgrounds. These individuals, however, may find it hard to reconcile their identity with their sexuality. A few people say that faith communities cannot have LGBT people as the communities do not accept relations between people of the same sex. These also include whose gender is mismatched with the one assigned during birth.

A few of the conservative-minded believe homosexuality is an affliction and it can and must be cured. Even with such hostility, LGBT individuals find ways to reach God. They do the latter despite the people who claim to represent the almighty trying to stop them. The words spoken by the Pope are an affirmation that the LGBT individuals belong in a church and in the religious communities.

A church could be a unifying place. All religions teach of God being love. It means that all community members and their personal relationships should be respected. LGBT people not only require to be accepted and needed in society, they must also be needed in the faith communities. Pope Francis' words could assist to build much-needed bridges between the LGBT people and the Catholic Church. The church has accepted the fact of the existence of LGBT individuals. It should now recognize the love between them as valid as the one between the hetero sexes. LGBT people who have faith must be permitted to marry inside a church.  


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