Pope Francis sends heartfelt message to children in impoverished Texas town.

Pope Francis is in Krakow, Poland for World Youth Day. Thousands of youths from around the world will join the Pontiff for the week-long Catholic rally.

But not all who would like to attend are able.

Children from the diocese of Brownsville, Texas (on the US border with Mexico) do not have the means to make the trip. Brownsville is considered one of the most impoverished areas in the country. In addition, the citizenship status of these children is also in question, making travel impossible.

But Pope Francis still wanted “to be close” to these children, so he recorded a video in Spanish for them, which was published on July 26, reports Religion News Service.

His message was one of inspiration, with clear references to the current political climate. “I want to tell you to always look forward, always look towards the horizon, don’t let life put walls in front of you…”

Previously, Pope Francis stated that candidates who would put up a wall to keep immigrants out are “not Christians.”

The Pontiff referred to life as a game and told the children to “play life to the full…either you’re in the team or you’re out.”

He also continued to spread his message of service and compassion. “Take life as it comes and do good to others.”

While the focus of World Youth Day are issues related to children, and even though they are the primary audience for the festivities, Pope Francis is taking the opportunity to provide Catholics and others worldwide with a blueprint for living in the modern world.

“God calls you to create hope. God calls you to receive mercy and show mercy to others. God calls you to be happy. Do not be afraid.”

Approximately 30,000 American youth are registered for World Youth Day activities in Poland, and parishes around the United States are holding events for children who are unable to make the trip.


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