Pope Francis: Know the Difference Between the Sin and the Sinner

“The Word of God teaches us to distinguish between the sin and the sinner” -Pope Francis

Pope Francis has recently spoken out to Christians across the world, urging them to remember that there is a key difference between sins, and those who commit them.

The Pope was speaking on Wednesday to an audience of thousands at St. Peter’s Square, where they had gathered to hear his regular general audience. During his speech, Pope Francis reminded his listeners that “The Word of God teaches us to distinguish between the sin and the sinner,” yet also stated that there were to be no “compromises” when it came to sinning. In the turbulent times that we are currently living in, it would seem that Pope Francis is looking towards creating a stronger sense of unity amongst the world’s Catholic population.

The full passage of this section of the address is as follows:

“Christ does not accept sin, which is the radical opposition of God's love. He does not reject sinners, but welcomes them. Jesus, the Holy One of God, allows himself to be touched by them, without fear of being contaminated, he forgives them and frees them from the isolation to which they were condemned by the ruthless judgment of those who believed themselves to be perfect, opening up their future.”

Pope Francis also took the opportunity to touch on some recent events. He greeted a group who were in Rome to take part in a conference on the topic of the Chernobyl disaster, which occurred thirty years ago this year. He also ended his speech with a reference, in his native language of Spanish, to the recent earthquake in Ecuador, which has claimed the lives of around 400 people.


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