Pope Expresses Shock And Anger At Syrian Violence

Pope Francis Calls On World Leaders To End Conflict in Syria

Pope Francis used his Sunday prayers to appeal for peace.

After the joint U.S.-led airstrikes on a Syrian chemical weapons depot, the Pope begged world leaders to help end the conflict. He said he was “deeply disturbed” by the lack of international consensus in stopping the violence.

The civil war in Syria has caused over a half million deaths and another million refugees. The Syrian government has used chemical weapons dozens of times, violating international law and constituting crimes against humanity.

The pope has repeatedly spoken out about Syria. He said there is no justification for the use of chemical weapons. He wants world leaders to create negotiations. However, since Russia has provided military support for the Assad regime and has veto power through being a permanent member of the UN security council, negotiations would have to be created through an independent means.

Pope Francis has said there is no good or bad war. Despite the pleas of the Pope, it seems unlikely that the violence will stop in Syria.


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