Pope Francis celebrated his birthday with sick immigrant children at a free health clinic.

Pope Francis had some cake with kids the day before his 82nd Birthday at the Vatican’s health clinic. The children, mostly from immigrant families, frequent a charity, the “Santa Marta” Pediatric Dispensary run by the Vatican. The venue of the celebration was at the Paul VI hall prior to Sunday Angelus. For Francis, the cake was a surprise. The children were soon joined by their families. The papal audience also sang and played music.

The pope wished the assembled audience in Santa Marta Pediatric Dispensary a Merry Christmas and thanked them for their selfless work. Francis also showed his witty side when he commented that it is his hope, that he will not suffer indigestion after eating the large cake. The pope blew out a candle perched on the top of the sweet. The cake was decorated in the recognizable Vatican colors of yellow and white. The Santa Marta Dispensary is supported by the Vatican City State Governorate, Pop Francis, and Secretariat of State. It also has a number of friends and benefactors.

Near the cake was a sign that read “We cannot get used to the situations of degradation and misery that surround us. A Christian must react.” The pope was all praise for the dispensary. According to Francis, if the Holy Family lived in Rome and if baby Jesus caught a cold, then his mother Mary would surely have brought her son to the Santa Marta Pediatric Dictionary to be cured. Francis thanked the clinic staff, including doctors, nurses, and the volunteers. He also thanked the collaboration of the kids and their parents. The pontiff said the clinic can be regarded as “a body” and life can be found in it. The children, according to the pope, are the life due to their spontaneous nature.

The pope admitted it is hard to work with children but doing so helps people to comprehend life’s realities, and it is important for every adult to be humble. A child can teach a grown person many profound truths.


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