Chief Justice said “Let a Muslim woman challenge it”

India’s Supreme Court rejected Akhil Bharatha Hindu Mahasabha plea to allow Muslim women to pray in mosques and also to get rid of the “purdah” system. The Chief Justice of India denied the plea by Swamy Dethathreya Sai Swaroop Nath, who previously questioned the petition’s rejection. The Chief Justice said, “Let a Muslim woman challenge it.”

The Swamy said he sees Muslim women as his sisters. The petition argued, “The segregation and discrimination shown against Muslim women by not allowing them to enter and pray in masjids in the main prayer hall along with their male counterparts is against Articles 21 and 14 of the Constitution.”

The Supreme Court has also referred to the plea at the Kerala High Court as a publicity stunt. The petitioner said the denial of entry for Muslim women for their prayers deprives them of their right to equality. He called it a disgrace to modern society. In addition to the above, the petitioner has requested a ban on the burqa.  Adhering to the teachings of the past is “equivalent to the strict adherence to the size and type of clothes worn during childhood even during adulthood, this amounts to obstinacy.”

When it comes to purdah, the petitioner said that the creation of the purdah system is nothing but a result of the “culture and concept of looking at a woman as a personal belonging. In a hot country like ours, it is a cause of discomfort…Moreover, it gives anti-social elements a chance to misuse the apparel to conceal oneself and do anti-social acts.”