Planned Parenthood leaves Title X Program

Reproductive healthcare non-profit Planned Parenthood has withdrawn from Title X federal funding over disagreements with the government’s abortion restrictions . The organization announced on Monday that it would not be accepting funds from the Title X federal family planning program anymore. The non-profit received $60 million in funds annually, enabling it to provide birth control and other health services to economically struggling women, as per reports.

Planned Parenthood decided to walk away from this funding when President Trump placed restrictions on Title X recipients, forbidding doctors and other clinical staff from making abortion referrals to patients.

Alexis McGill Johnson, acting president and CEO of Planned Parenthood spoke with CNN and explained that grantees from the organization were forsaking their Title X grant because of the dangerous and unethical gag rule forced on them by the Trump administration. On top of this, Johnson said her organization would not withhold crucial abortion information from their patients due to government bullying.

The New York Times reported Planned Parenthood and like organizations are condemning how the President’s new restrictions will coerce medical professionals to withhold information from patients. They would also put at jeopardy the doctor-patient relationship and deny women the necessary knowledge of the options open to them.

The Department of Health and Human Services insists that the new policy is not a “gag rule.” The department said medical professionals are not prohibited from participating in abortion counseling. They are not to participate in abortion referral as a way of family planning. The statute written by Congress debars funding programs where abortion is accepted as a method of family planning. Of course, medical professionals are free to refer abortions for medical emergency cases.

Under the new policy, clinics are permitted to provide a list of healthcare service providers that include ones that perform abortions. However, they are not allowed to outline the ones that do.

Planned Parenthood will most definitely suffer from this absence of funding. They will have to depend on emergency funds for the time being. Donations to the non-profit will help ensure that clinics offering affordable and unbiased healthcare to women are open.


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