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Phil Robertson Says We Need a “Jesus Man in the White House”

Phil Robertson Says We Need a “Jesus Man in the White House”
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Guns, Bible and a Jesus Man: The Phil Robertson NASCAR Prayer

Controversies and Phil Robertson go hand-in-hand. In 2013, he spoke about homosexual behavior and landed himself in a controversy. In 2015, he caused another uproar by saying that STDs are the legacy of hippies, beatniks, Nazis, and Communists.

Phil Robertson Says We Need a “Jesus Man in the White House”[/tweetthis]

Robertson is of the strong opinion that abortion is a direct violation of the Declaration of Independence. However, none of these controversies makes any difference to him. Robertson is a devout Christian, who is outspoken about his beliefs. He will speak his mind no matter what.

Last Saturday night, at the Sprint Cup Series Duck Commander 500 NASCAR Race held at Texas Motor Speedway, Phil Robertson made yet another display of his typical stereotypical attitude. Since his family company, the Duck Commander, is the official sponsor of NASCAR, he got the opportunity to lead the pre-race prayer. He opened the prayer by saying that Texas got to its current position via Bibles and guns. The faith in God and U.S. military is the reason why they are still there. He prayed to God to put a “Jesus Man” in the White House.

“Alright Texas, we got here via Bibles and guns. I'm fixing to pray to the one who made that possible. Father thank you for founding our nation. I pray Father that we don't forget who brought us. You. Our faith in the blood of Jesus and his resurrection. Help us Father to get back to that. Help us dear God understand that the men and women on my right, the U.S. military. On my right and on my left. Our faith in you and the U.S. military is the reason we're still here. I pray Father that we put a Jesus man in the White House. Help us do that and help us all to repent to do what's right to love you more and to love each other. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.”

Robertson endorses Ted Cruz. There is even a campaign commercial that features them duck hunting. When he asked God to put a “Jesus Man” in the White House during the prayer, there were little doubt in the minds of the spectators gathered, about the identity of that “Jesus Man.”

In typical Robertson fashion, he is implying that a Republican must be president because Hillary Clinton is not a man and Bernie Sanders is Jewish. Jews do not believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ. In a way, it could also be seen as a slam on President Obama, because Robertson's statement implies that there has already not been a Christian man in the White House.

Robertson's prayer got a mixed reaction on social media. Kelley Earnhardt, American NASCAR co-owner of JR Motorsports tweeted, "Best real honest prayer I ever heard." Many people also commented that Robertson's prayer has tainted NASCAR. The official sponsor of NASCAR before the Duck Commander was the National Rifle Association. NASCAR ended the contract NRA due to heavy public criticism.

According to Yahoo Sports, NASCAR is the only major sport that features a pre-event prayer. It is the opinion of a number of sports broadcasters that having non-denominational prayers as the norm at races would be better for NASCAR. Brian France, CEO of NASCAR endorses Donald Trump.


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