Pennsylvania Predator Priest David Poulson Sentenced for Sexually Abusing Two Boys

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Priest David Poulson was sentenced to 2 1/2 – 14 years in prison.

A Pennsylvania priest has been sentenced to a minimum of two years and six months to a maximum of 14 years on charges of sexually assaulting two boys. Reverend David Poulson, now 65-years-old, forced one victim to go to confession and confess the molestation to him.

The priest has expressed regret for his actions and admitted them to be sins. Rev. Poulson also acknowledged the criminal aspect of what he did.

The Jefferson County Court sentenced Poulson on January 11 after he pleaded guilty to child endangerment and corruption of minors in October. He is one of two priests who were charged after a Pennsylvania grand jury report named 300 predator priests alleged of abusing over 1,000 victims in six Pennsylvania dioceses.

According to Josh Shapiro, the Pennsylvania Attorney General, one victim was 15 years old and the other only eight when the predator priest abused them. The Attorney General was happy to have succeeded in sentencing the criminal inside the Brookville courthouse. They narrated the torture of Paulson’s victims, stating the priest assaulted one victim about 20 times while the two were inside the rectories of the church. He then compelled the victim to confess the abuse to himself. The Attorney General pointed out the criminal priest utilized the tools afforded by his priesthood to propagate his abuse.

One of the victims wrote a statement which was read out loud in court by the prosecutor. The victim said Poulson’s actions totally destroyed his life. The continuous abuse finished his career and his marriage and also relations with his daughter. The content spoke about the long mental anguish and asked the jury to serve true justice on the day of Poulson’s prosecution. The other victim also made a statement detailing the abuse of trust made by the priest. He spoke sadly about how Poulson’s criminal activities were cunningly disguised as gifts and road trips. The victim wrote how he was fooled by the manipulative priest. He felt sad that he trusted the abusive priest and the latter was quick to take advantage of the young person's innocence.

Poulson assaulted his victims in two churches-Cambridge’s Padua Catholic Church and the Fryburg located St. Michael’s Catholic Church. The two boys were also assaulted multiple times at a Jefferson County located remote hunting cabin co-owned by Poulson.


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