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Pence Says Iran is Intent on ‘Another Holocaust’ and Demands EU Back Out of Nuclear Deal

Pence Says Iran is Intent on ‘Another Holocaust’ and Demands EU Back Out of Nuclear Deal
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EU trade strategy with Iran is an effort to end the U.S. sanctions against “Iran’s murderous revolutionary regime”

United States Vice President Mike Pence came down heavily upon the European Union and demanded they toe Washington’s line in quitting the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. He complained the Europeans are adopting strategies which are crafted to side-step U.S. sanctions. Pence made these remarks in Warsaw. He was an attendee of a Middle East conference organized by the U.S. Pence described the Iranian government as a “murderous revolutionary regime.”

Pence Says Iran is Intent on ‘Another Holocaust’ and Demands EU Back Out of Nuclear Deal[/tweetthis]

According to Pence, the steps being taken by the European countries will only strengthen Iran and weaken the European Union. Such strategies, he warned, will only increase the distance between the U.S. and the EU. The vice president was not alone in echoing such sentiment. Mike Pompeo, the U.S. Secretary of State, claimed it is impossible to achieve stability and peace in the Middle East sans confronting Iran. He was with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he made these comments. Pompeo went further on to the topic, saying malignant influences are busy at work in four troubled countries- Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen. He claimed the “three H’s – the Houthis, Hamas and Hezbollah” are the real threats.

Pence, during his Middle East conference speech, claimed Iran is the biggest state sponsor when it came to terrorism. He also labeled the country as the biggest impediment to Middle East security and peace. He also accused Iran’s clerical regime of trying to scheme another Holocaust as a step to fulfill its regional ambitions.

The U.S. Vice President expressed sadness and outrage that Germany, France, and Britain have crafted a unique financial structure which Washington believes will crack the hard American sanctions imposed on Iran. It is to be noted that the sanctions were relaxed during the Barack Obama presidency but since have been reimposed by President Donald Trump after withdrawing from the Iran agreement in 2018. The Polish conference brought into the clear differences between the U.S. and the EU on the subject of Iran. Germany and France have even sent relatively minor diplomats to the event.

Pence advocated maximum pressure on Iran and said that ordinary Iranians would take to the streets while the Iranian economy dips due to the sanctions. He urged all freedom-loving countries to take a stand and hold the Iranian Government accountable for its violence and evil inflicted upon the world.


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