In Texas the Fight Between the Catholic Church and Right to Life Group shows different tactics in the battle to end abortion

Vice President Mike Pence, speaking to a room of anti-abortion activists, stated he believes abortion in the US will once again be made illegal. Pence said if the activists did the work, they would “in our time” restore the sanctity of life by eradicating abortion. He added that he knows in his heart this will be the generation who restores life in America.

Pence has passionately led attempts to curb abortion such as trying to stop federal funding from Planned Parenthood. He has even referred to President Trump as the most pro-life president in American history. He believes that there has been more progress in stopping abortion in this last year than he has seen before.

But this does not mean that there is a unified front by anti-abortion groups. Catholic bishops in Texas are directing charges in the region to refrain from any association with Texas Right to Life on the grounds of the tactics used by the organization.

The directive from the bishops stated Texas Right to Life has played part in misleading attacks against political candidates, falsified the church’s position on state legislation and argued that the bills supported by the Catholic Church do not do enough to limit abortion. Although these two groups have a similar goal to rule out legal abortion, the recent directive shows a long-simmering rift over techniques and priorities that are dividing them

The Texas Right to Life organization is the oldest and largest anti-abortion group in Texas. It receives most of its funding from GOP donors and its endorsement of GOP candidates for state and local office will likely influence primary elections.

Vice President Pence has not commented on the split, nor would there be a likely statement, as he does not want to get involved in a conflict that could force him to alienate allies in his mission to end abortion in America.

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