Democrats support the bill

Pat Robertson, the fire and brimstone televangelist, came down heavily on the Equality Act , saying that the pro-LGBTQ rights law would ruin the “sanctity of America.” On May 14 the 89-year-old warned that Americans simply have to continue to do this kind of work to make God angry. He quoted a Biblical verse to buttress his argument, citing Leviticus where he claimed that giving equal rights to people of non-mainstream sexual orientation will make the land vomit those who pursue such actions. The aim of the Equality Bill is to outlaw all discrimination centered on gender identity and sexual orientation. Democrats now have control of the House, and it is anticipated that a vote will happen soon regarding this reintroduced measure. The bill will likely get approval. President Donald J. Trump opposes it.

Robertson said that such a bill will harm religious freedom and compared the probable effect of such legislation to a “solar strike” or an atomic war. If the Equality Act gets signed into law, this measure would ban all discrimination made against employed LGBT individuals, credit, housing, education, public accommodations, and jury service. It is expected that the House will vote on this bill within a couple of days.

The Trump administration is getting ready to stop the bill’s passage. A senior administrator told the media that the present government fully opposes any type of discrimination and fully supports equal treatment to every American. He added that the bill in its present form is jampacked with several poison pills which may undermine not only conscience rights but parental rights too. A majority of Democrats have praised the bill. Criticism against the Equality Act came mostly from conservatives. One of the fiercest criticisms came from The Heritage Foundation. The latter is a conservative think-tank. It issued a statement that such a measure will compel workers and employers to conform everyone to brand new sexual norms. Not doing so will result in firing from jobs for individuals and lose business in case of companies or profit entities.


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