Pat Robertson Blames Atheism On Bad Parenting

Pat Robertson Told Woman on his Show She Was To Blame For Her Son’s Atheism.

The October 11 episode of the show The 700 Club revealed Pat Robertson opening his signature publicity piece with the expected ‘Honest Answers’ programming slice. The latter follows a ‘Dear Abby’ style. The questioner on this day was a woman who was concerned that her son was to marry an atheist and what she can do concerning her son’s presumably less than satisfactory choice.

The rational answer from a rational person is to tell the woman to respect her son’s choice. The reason for this? It is not her business. Pat Robertson, however, is a person extraordinaire. He replied that Jesus does not have any kind of fellowship with the devil (he called it Belial). He added that people who attend church should not mix with the non-believers. He also reminded the audience what Billy Graham, another televangelist, has reputedly said” when someone marries an atheist, then that person gets the devil for his or her father-in-law. These words are of course factually incorrect in every sense. Marrying an atheist means having a normal father-in-law. There could be the mention of the devil if the father-in-law has a name which closely resembles the devil’s own name or his cohorts. Robertson had the gall to blame the mother for her son turning to atheism. He said that the mother was a terrible parent. This was the reason for her son marrying an atheist woman. The televangelist had his Bible platform to support his reasoning. As per the Christian holy book, parents should raise their children in such a manner that they would not get away after reaching adulthood.

Robertson’s words were harsh from any angle. Even if the prospective mother-in-law turned out to be mother-in-law straight from the depths of hell, it is cruel to inform someone that her child is doing an activity which she does not like is as she was a bad parent who brought up her child in a wrong manner.

There is a definite irony in Robertson’s statement. He describes his own mother as a beautiful southern belle gracious in her manners. The reality is that his own mother’s first child was conceived when she was not married-clearly far out of his Bible prescribed teachings. The question is whether he will consider his own mother to be a sinner. There is also another fact that he had consistently lied to cover up this hard truth.


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