Pastor Rick Wiles wants to build an end times empire

The infamous Dietrich Bonhoeffer was known to have said: “When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die.” While many people debate about what death in this context means exactly, there are many theologians who have voiced their agreement of it, expressing that death in this context means the old self and the ways dying. Additionally, death can also mean putting away vainglorious ambitions to manifest the greater glory of the love of God on Earth.

As already mentioned, death could mean a lot of things. However, to the senior pastor of Flowing Streams Church, Rick Wiles, he has interpreted it as asking for $100 million. Pastor Wiles intends to use your donations to launch his own media empire to see Christians through to the end until Christ makes his return.

Wiles has been under the spotlight numerous times for his conspiracy theories. In the previous year, he deciphered a secret code in a Rachel Maddow broadcast which led him to predict a “leftist mob” would storm the White House. This leftist mob would then drag the entire Trump family to the front lawn of the White House and then cut their heads off.

Wiles hasn’t stopped there. He has gone on to say that the city of Houston faced God’s wrath in the form of Hurricane Harvey. He has also said that a top-secret government death squad was responsible for the Las Vegas massacre.

He even said the death squad is acting as an arm of a conspiratorial regime on a global scale. This regime is filled with “gay/lesbian Nazi” people as Pastor Wiles puts it. Pastor Wiles has even said that the world is controlled by “avowed satanic Luciferian devil worshippers.”

Pastor Wiles is also known for calling President Barack Obama a “demon from hell.” Many have also accused him of promoting conspiracy theories which are anti-Semitic in nature.

As you can see, Wiles has a lot working against him. He also has a lot of things in his favor. In the 1980s he worked for ESPN and CNN. After that, he went on to become the first National Cable Marketing Manager in 1984 in the Christian Broadcasting Network.


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