Pastor was arrested on three warrants

Walk by Faith International Missionary Church pastor, Jean Jacob Jeudy, was arrested on three warrants. He was charged with one count of sexual assault of a child and two counts of indecency with a child sexual contact.

El Paso pastor blamed the devil for the child sex abuse accusations. “I got arrested (after) somebody accused me of something that I really don’t know what[sic] about that happened in 2011. The allegations are false. Nothing ever happened. It is just all lies,” Jeudy said. He was booked into the El Paso County Jail on a bond of $30,000 but was released on bail later the same day.

The County Sheriff’s Office made a statement about the accusations confirming that Jean Jacob Jeudy was arrested on November 8.

Jeudy refused to make any comments on the allegations or who is making the allegations against him. He did, however, make sure that his congregation knew that the devil was behind the false accusations.

Pastor Jeudy quoted the Bible, more specifically John 10:10, to his congregation. In a quote on quote, the verse depicts the devil as a deceiver who comes to steal and destroy. The verse goes on to state that the devil achieves this by using tactics similar to his (pastor Jeudy's) situation. He continued to say the devil was using his situation to take attention from God.

These are not mere accusations and should be taken seriously. The details about the whole case have not yet been released to the public, but it is believed that the case is solid. This is on the assumption that the police had enough evidence to make an arrest. There is no official word from Pastor Jeudy that he will use the "devil" as his official trial defense. Pastor Jeudy has lawyered up and is looking to get the allegations dismissed.


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