Does The U.S. Have “Soulless” Super Soldiers In Syria, Triggering Jesus’s Return?

Pastor Rick Wiles Actually Believes This

Rick Wiles is not known for his subtlety. And so his announcement of secret government plans in Syria leading to the End Times should not be shocking.

Wiles is claiming the United States has sent genetically engineered super soldiers to Syria. Why send them? Apparently, because they were “grown” without a “soul” so they can engage in war atrocities without any moral apprehension.

He told the other members of “TruNews” TV that this was the beginning of the End Times and Jesus would soon return. He called the United States “Hitler on steroids.” Wiles is known for continually stating that the Nazis have returned. When he was banned on YouTube for his radical speeches, he called it a Nazi attack on Christians.

The United States government has not made a statement about the supersoldiers or the return of Jesus.


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