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Pastor Refuses Dying Man’s Wish Because His Son is Gay

Pastor Refuses Dying Man’s Wish Because His Son is Gay

Son’s sexual orientation stands in the way of his father’s funeral

A man in Tennessee who is 71 years old is about to die in a few days. Despite this, the dying man’s final wish has been refused because of his son’s sexual orientation[/tweetit]. Everything looked like it was in order when Jessie Goodman called the church for the eventual service. One of Goodman’s father’s final wishes was that his funeral be held at the church he attended.

Pastor Refuses Dying Man’s Wish Because His Son is Gay[/tweetthis]

Jessie Goodman is engaged to Brandon Smitty. But things took a turn for the worse when Pastor Jay Scruggs discovered Jessie’s sexual orientation. When Scruggs found out that Jessie is gay, he refused to hold the funeral.

Jessie Goodman has said that he was told that if he was going to take part in the funeral, his father wouldn’t be allowed to have his service there. Goodman said there were some church members who didn’t want his fiancé or him to be involved because of their sexual orientation.

When Pastor Scruggs was asked if this was all true, he replied by saying that he had no comment as of right now. However, he would speak more about the issue after Goodman’s father has passed.

Goodman was even told by a church member that he would be allowed to have the service if his partner didn’t attend. This has made many say that even if Jessie’s partner doesn’t attend, that doesn’t change the fact that Jessie is gay. Many said it seems cruel to ban a member of the family from the funeral.

When Goodman’s father heard the news, he didn’t take it well. Goodman’s father was devastated. Goodman said that his father didn’t know that the funeral wouldn’t take place in the church. He went on to say that his father’s face revealed that he was very hurt.

The Southern Baptist Convention has revealed that they aren’t affiliated to Lee’s Chapel Baptist Church which makes it unclear as to what kind of church it is.


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