Pastor John Gray urged those in need to take money from the offering baskets.

Congregants of Greenville’s Relentless Church were treated to an emotional service by their Pastor John Gray. The South Carolina pastor encouraged attendees who were in desperate need of cash to take from the church’s offering baskets. Gray slammed church authorities whose sole activity is to pester congregants for money. He described those people as “pulpit pimps.”

Gray, during his sermon he named “Leftovers,” said it has been a long time since someone stood in a church pulpit and allowed people to take what they need. The pastor had requested his congregants not to give any offer before they felt any kind of connection to what he would speak that day. He had invited the church members to take what they need from the offering baskets of the church. He reminded them of the vital role of the church in both giving and taking from the people.

Pastor Gray said a majority of church officials urge their congregants to give money to their respective churches. The pastor dismissed them as pulpit pimps who are experts in sponging money off individuals and have no desire to help those in need. He reminded the audience of Jesus who exhorted his followers to take care of poor people. Gray reminded his congregants they have single mothers, widows, and orphans among them. He concluded by saying he wished he could do more, but the present arrangement was the best possible with the available resources.

The pastor urged the unfortunates to walk to the altar. A number of people did so and as per his instructions stood beside the offering baskets. Gray informed them that there is money in the baskets and the people could take how much they need for themselves and enough to buy a sufficient amount of gas. The congregation cheered as a churchgoer approached the pastor. The former clutched money in his hand. Many others took cash. Several members started to cry. The pastor then urged single fathers and those who have less than a quarter tank of fuel to come up. He asked veterans and widows to do the same.

According to Pastor Gray, he did this even though the church is far from financially secure. He believes he is simply doing what God expects of him. He promised to his congregation they will see more of such giveaways.


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