Darrell Scott Is One Of Trump’s Few Allies From Minority Communities

Who Is Darrell Scott? He may be one of the most influential allies to President Trump and the man shaping minority policies in the United States.

Darrell Scott is from Cleveland and is co-pastor of the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights. He began to rise to national fame when his name became attached to the Trump campaign for the presidency. He spoke at the National Republican Convention and Trump came to speak at his church. He runs National Diversity Coalition for Trump, which organizes religious and racial minority community leaders that support Trump.

Therefore, it makes sense that Darrell Scott is now the main contributor to President Trump’s plan for aiding African American communities, through an “urban revitalization” plan or as Darrell Scott calls it a “black people plan.”

The plan seems murky. It supposedly will include financial literacy programs, women’s empowerment training, youth programs, and several other social wellness programs. The Trump administration has not made it part of its legislative agenda. Rather, the program will be enacted through partnerships with private donors and executive orders. Critics have said that the lack of any real laws indicates that President Trump is not serious about the programs themselves and the president himself has not talked about the programs in any significant detail. President Trump famously told African Americans “what do you have to lose” when running for president.


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