Carrie Underwood’s performance gives “thousands of unsaved or weak Millennials” the wrong idea of what the bible teaches about marriage says Pastor Wesley Wildmon.

A number of people were angered by the presence of Carrie Underwood at a religious conference because of her open acceptance of gay rights. Reverend Louie Giglio, the pastor and organizer of Passion 2017, received a letter from an angry Christian who was upset about Underwood leading congregation into worship.

Carrie Underwood wasn’t one of the scheduled performers for the conference. She surprised the gathering by suddenly appearing on stage and pairing up with David Crowder and sang “Something in the Water“. However, her public support for gay rights made her seem as a terrible choice as performer leading the congregation into prayer at such a large religious gathering. According to the writer of the open letter to the pastor, Wesley Wildmon, her performance would send a message to young Christians that homosexuality is acceptable.

Wildmon pointed out at 1 Corinthians 6:12-20 to remind the pastor the Bible does not support homosexuality. He says when the Word of God itself has declared homosexuality to be a sin, there is absolutely no question of Christians accepting gay rights. As such, allowing a celebrity who is so publicly in favor of gay rights shows support of such views, according to the letter.

As the outreach director of the American Family Association, Wildmon is opposed to gay marriage as it’s opposed to traditional norms of a Christian family. His letter was published in Engage Magazine, a publication by the American Family Association. In the letter, he reminds Rev. Giglio there are a number of Christian artists who are true to the Bible and demands to know why none of them were considered for the performance. Wildmon also gave a cryptic warning to the pastor saying that it was God who gave him such a large platform from where he could reach out to people, and that the same God could take away that platform from him if he didn’t remain true to the principles of the Bible.

Underwood herself has often been criticized for supporting gay rights so openly. However, in an interview she said, “If someone won’t like me because of that, then maybe they were looking for a reason not to like me.”

Wildmon’s greatest fear is that this would give the “unsaved or weak Millennials” the wrong idea of what the Bible teaches about marriage.


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