Pastor Claims To Resurrect An Ant And Stop Tsunamis

Photo by Jared Belson

Also Might Not Be The Wildest Things He Has Said

Pastor Frank Amedia is no stranger to controversial statements. He has claimed to stop tsunamis with the power of his hand and heal a man with cancer by praying to him on the television.

So no one was surprised when he revealed on a recent television show he was able to bring back an ant to life that he had crushed. Supposedly, God spoke to Amedia and gave him the power to bring the ant back.

Amedia is also known as an unofficial advisor to President Trump. While he has spoken about his power, he has also been vindictive with his theories. He has blamed homosexuality in America on demon hornets and calls AIDS a punishment for “unnatural sex.” While faith healers are not a new trend, Amedia takes the application to a whole new level.

The resurrected ant was unavailable for comments.


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