The Church of England backing down on same-sex marriage legislation: A sign of our times?

A widely debated issue these days is the issue of same-sex marriage. People from all walks of life can easily be polarized when it

Shrine of Bahá'u'lláh

Bahá’í faith – An Introduction

The Bahá'í faith is one of the youngest among major religions of the world and is an abrahamic religion like Islam, Christianity etc. It

What is Agnosticism

What is Agnosticism?

Agnosticism is not a religion, as agnostics do not follow a God, or any other deities. Agnostics do not consider themselves as atheists either,

The Holy Quran

A Canadian Professor Embraces Islam

A well-known and respected Canadian professor, David Roy Woelke, has accepted and embraced the Islam religion and way of life. Woelke is a Canadian

Jewish and Muslim Leaders Unite

United States Secretary of State John Kerry personally announced on May 20, 2013 the release of the U.S. State Department’s International Report on Religious

Sunset with CRAVE Crowd

CRAVE Ministries Expands with a New Program

The Christians Reviving America's ValuEs (CRAVE) have announced that they have created a new branch of their ministry that will be headed by recently

Atheists United

Is it better to be a devout atheist than to be a casual (enter name of religion here)?

In a recent article in The Huffington Post, Andrew Schwartz writes about the strong rhetorical skills that atheists have. He asserts, "Today, atheists are

Mormons Building Bridges

Mormons Expanding LGBT Support

The new generation of those who follow the Mormon religion are speaking out about their sexual preferences. In a recent conference held at the

Selena Gomez Bindi

Selena Gomez’s Bindi At The 2013 Billboard Music Awards Leads To Controversy

The singer does it again! In April 2013, Selena Gomez made headlines all over the world, especially in India by sporting a Bindi during